Entry #59

Thinking of doing flashes again

2010-01-10 11:48:18 by dec-1310

Since I got Flash, I'm gonna start out again with a series I'm planning!
Note that all flashes except for the ClockDay one were made with LifeSwif, not Flash CS3, and I'm better with Flash, so don't expect it be either so bad nor so awesome, I'll do what I can!


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2010-01-13 12:54:35

So that's why you just deleted your old ones? Hmm. But you owe me review count now, so you better make these new ones worth reviewing!

dec-1310 responds:

Yeah, they will be :D


2010-07-13 19:17:17

how did you make a sprite?

dec-1310 responds:

Hmm... Depends which sprites you are talking about...


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